Interview with June Reed

June joins Jim from Baghdad to report on the current state of that country as well as the current condition of small businesses who are trying to build the Iraqi economy.

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How are things going in Iraq these days? June Reed joins Jim Blasingame once again with a report of significant progress in Iraq, militarily, economically and politically. Why aren't the mainstream media reporting this good news?
How are things going in Iraq these days? June Reed talks with Jim Blasingame about why you don't see much about Iraq in the mainstream media: It's because the news is mostly good, not bad, and June talks about some of the exciting economic and marketplace developments that she's working on.
Here's an update on Iraq from a true American hero. As proof that you can't get your Iraq information from the major media outlets, June joins Jim with another honest report on what's really happening.
Reporting once again from Iraq, June talks with Jim about progress in that country that you don't hear about on the major TV networks, including a growing insurance industry -- property, casualty and life, an emerging Iraqi stock market, and the repayment of millions of dollars in small business loans over the past three years. Why don't we hear about these successes on nightly news?
Ever wonder if you're getting the full reporting on what's really going on in Iraq when you listen to the major news outlets? Well you're not. You only get the full story -- warts and all -- when June joins Jim to talk about the real story in Iraq. Tune in to hear the latest report from June.