Michael Barrera

The power of the American family-owned business

Michael Barrera joins Jim Blasingame to talk about what a family-owned small business looks like, how it is growing among Hispanics, and why it’s important to America.

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Michael Barrera joins Jim Blasingame to talk about what Hispanic business owners expect from their government, including what should be done about immigration.
What does the Hispanic community think about the current immigration bill being debated? Michael joins Jim to talk about the bill and what his constituents think about it.
Michael talks with Jim about how his organization works and the significant increase in the number of Hispanic businesses. They also talk about how to best handle the extremely controversial and emotional immigration issue.
Mike talks with Jim about how his office helps small businesses that are having problems with government regulations. They go on to announce the next Regulation Fairness events, as well as the next Business Matchmaking events.
Michael joins Jim during Small Business Week to talk about the many hats that small business owners wear. They also talk about the Business Matchmaking program and the Small Business Hall of Fame.