Terri Lonier

Interview with Terri Lonier

Continuing to celebrate Home-based Business Week, Terri and Jim talk about the current issues facing micropreneurs and what the future looks like for this sector of the marketplace.

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What can we learn from the early entrepreneurs? Terri Lonier joins Jim Blasingame to discuss entrepreneurs throughout history and how modern innovators can learn from them.
What is an entrepreneur anyway? Terri Lonier joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the definition of an entrepreneur and the fact that there more than one kind of entrepreneur.
Being a micropreneur does not have to mean "small" revenue. Working solo expert, Terri Lonier, joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how the landscape has changed for those who want to stay small business while growing revenue, by using contract relationships.
How will 2009 be for the smallest of small businesses? Terri Lonier and Jim Blasingame discuss some issues facing the largest marketplace sector, the solo business owner, or micropreneur.
How is the small office - home office (SOHO) environment these days? Terri and Jim compare notes on where this sector of the marketplace has come from, what it looks like currently, and what is required to be a successful SOHO practitioner.