Find the Balm That Soothes Your Soul

When I was in junior high school, I sang tenor in a chorus. It was the year before my voice changed.

One of my favorite songs was an African-American spiritual titled, "There Is a Balm in Gilead." In reality, this balm came from a certain kind of tree that produced an aromatic resin the ancients used for its physical healing and soothing properties.

But long after Gilead's balm ceased to be generally used for medicinal purposes, it gained wide use in metaphorical references to healing of the spirit, as in the song. The prophet Jeremiah was the first to use metaphorical references to the balm in Gilead.

Small business owners need a balm to heal and soothe the mental, emotional and spiritual dings we experience on a daily basis. Without it we can get out of balance with ourselves and with the world.

Where is our balm of Gilead? Actually, it's in several places and all have the ability to heal. Here are four of my favorites (you can add your own):  family, friends, faith and vision.

When you feel like you're drifting off course, let your family and friends help you hold the rudder. When you think you have done all you can but it's not enough, perhaps it's time to check in with a higher power.

Your vision has healing properties, too. It's what you told yourself when you decided to follow your entrepreneurial dream, and it's probably the purest example of who you are professionally and why you do what you do. Revisit your vision. It just might be the balm you need.

You know the way to your Gilead. Make it a well-worn path.