Pushing Your Small Business Envelope


In Jo Condrill’s excellent new book, A Millennium Primer, Take Charge Of Your Life, I found this quote from James Lincoln:

“A mind stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimension.” Reminds me of an aviation term, “pushing the envelope.” 

All aircraft have performance characteristics that, when operated within those parameters keeps you inside "the envelope" and, presumable, safe. Operating outside these parameters is called "pushing the envelope," and it is usually only done intentionally by test pilots, so that the envelope can be established. Here's a question:  In life, are you a test pilot who pushes the envelope, or a regular, everyday one, who operates inside the envelope? 

It's not up to me to tell you which one you should be, but I will tell you that, while envelopes can be very safe, they are also designed to hold things in. Things like vision, opportunity, possibilities. You know, the fun stuff. If you decide to push the envelope, be warned: You may never return to your original dimensions.

Have a good flight.