Working for You Isn't Working for Me

Author: Katherine Crowley

In Working for You Isn't Working for Me, Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster apply their research and insights to the challenges of "toxic bosses." Sooner or later, we all work for someone we can't stand. When that happens, some people quit, some suffer in silence, and others cope by sulking, obsessing, avoiding, or retaliating. But it's better to take control by applying the four-step process in this book:

• Detect: Am I crazy or is my boss driving me crazy?
• Detach: Accept that you can't change your boss, but you can take back your power.
• Depersonalize: Learn to take your supervisor's behavior less personally.
• Deal: Devise a plan to get what you need, manage your boss, and move your career forward.

Filled with concrete examples, this book will help readers take back their power from even the most challenging bad bosses- chronic critics, yellers, unconscious discriminators, control freaks, pathological liars, and more.

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