Dow 100,000: Fact or Fiction

Author: Charles Kadlec

A bullish view of the future, forecasting unprecedented possibilities for investors Boom or bust? That's the question on the mind of millennium market watchers. A seasoned investment strategist, Charles W. Kadlec has a startling answer: we are at an historic moment: the beginning of a Great Prosperity - a decade or more of above average economic growth. What lies ahead is a period of unparalleled opportunities for investors with a strategic outlook. In this provocative book, Kadlec reveals the forces driving this monumental boom and examines its potential impact. DOW 100,000 supports its supremely bullish premise: the DJIA is headed for a record 100,000 by the year 2020. With penetrating insight, Kadlec pinpoints the factors now in place that could make this ideal an economic reality: the end of Cold War; the aging of baby boomers; technological revolution; the spread of freedom (and the surge of individual creativity); and increased competition among governments for economic activity. He does not ignore potential threats: war in the Middle East; international terrorism; failure to solve the dilemmas of Medicare and Social Security. He concludes with two strategies for taking advantage of this phenomenon - one for wealth-building, and the other for harvesting a lifetime of savings. Compelling and persuasive, DOW 100,000 will change the way investors look at today's market--and empower them to seize the opportunities that tomorrow's market offers.

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