Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Services

Author: Chip Bell

Sprinkles is a book about unique customer service and the bottom line. Customers today crave special and unique. What do sprinkles do to a cupcake or cookie? They obviously make it special and unique. Innovative service is the same: it turns good to great service into special and distinctive service.
Customers like service that is good--meaning it successfully fulfills their needs or accomplishes the outcome they seek. But, they remember service that comes with an experience that gives them unexpected pleasure. Just like a good cookie made special with sprinkles, it's the extra touch!
This amazing little book is full of compelling stories of real customer service experiences that exceeded all expectations, breathtaking insights, and super-cool techniques that provide the perfect recipe for how to attract and retain the loyalty of todayʼs picky, fickle, and vocal customers.