Better, Richer, Fuller

Author: Greg Powell

Creating a financial blueprint can give you the knowledge to banish anxiety and fear, take control of your finances, work to secure your future, and get on with pursuing your fullest life!

In Better, Richer, Fuller, Greg Powell will help you develop Your Financial House® and empower you to identify your goals and dreams and create a strategy for pursuing them.

Greg created the Your Financial House® concept as he helped his four-year-old daughter color in the rooms of a house she had drawn. He wondered, what if this house could help people think about the financial planning process in a new way. The result a blueprint, rather than a plan has helped his clients bring all facets of financial decision-making and life planning under a single roof.

What financial decisions are you struggling with? How in charge of your money and your financial future do you feel today? What future event is keeping you awake at night, wondering how you ll manage? Where in your life do you simply wish you had more? In Better, Richer, Fuller, you ll find a holistic blueprint free of jargon and complexity that can