The 3rd Ingredient: The Journey of Analog Ethics into the World of Digital Fear and Greed

Author: Jim Blasingame

This isn't a how-to business book, but it is a book every business person should read.Sitting here on our 21st century perch, where we've compounded Moore's Law into talking paint, you and I can be forgiven for thinking we're pretty smart. But we're approaching an intersection that will challenge us as never before.

Humans have always been, and will always be, physical, analog beings. Fortunately, for 10,000 years we've advanced in a compatible, analog world, including assembling a thick catalog of ethical standards. But for the first time in history, contemporary humans are being called upon to reconcile our analog nature including ethics against forces of the world that are increasingly powered by digital leverage.

This is a book of stories, with characters who will be our ethical proxies as we make the passage from our analog past to a once-and-future digital reality.

The setting of each episode deals with challenges that illuminate the relationship between the ethics of that period and humanity's two, eternally primal elements: Fear and Greed. And as we race, hell-bent-for-light-speed into the ever-more-digital 21st Century, there's the rub.

As our fellow travelers approach and enter that intersection where the analog ethics that got us here are being increasingly challenged the digital universe will rudely, and without any due respect, demand answers to such questions as:

What ethical force will humans use to govern digital Fear and Greed?

What will digital Trust look like?

Finding and becoming devoted to these answers is our ultimate quest to discover The 3rd Ingredient.

Throughout the book, standing in judgment of each ethical player, guided only by your own values and devotion to the unenforceable, beware, lest the glass in the window you're looking through turns into a mirror.