Extraordinary Influence How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others

Author: Tim Irwin

Anyone who has run a company, raised a family, lead an army, or coached a team struggles to find the key to help others excel and realize their potential. What if we could speak Words of Life that transform those under our influence and ignite fires of intrinsic motivation? Recent discoveries of brain science and the wisdom of top CEO's that Dr. Tim Irwin interviewed for this book give us the answers we've long sought.

In most organizations, the methods used to provide feedback to employees such as performance appraisal or multi-rater feedback systems, in fact, accomplish the exact opposite of what we intend. In recent years, science discovered that affirmation sets in motion huge positive changes in the brain. It releases certain neurochemicals associated with well-being and higher performance. Amazingly, criticism creates just the opposite neural reaction.

Brain science tells us that we can establish a connection between the employee's work and his or her aspirations. Extraordinary Influence calls for a new approach to align workers with an organization's mission, strategy and goals, called Alliance Feedback.