54 Ways to Stay Positive In a Changing, Challenging and Sometimes Negative World, 2nd Edition

Author: JoAnna Brandi

Happiness and Positive Leadership Coach JoAnna Brandi has created a delightful gift book that offers 54 unique ideas that can take your mood from dark to light. Its lighthearted illustrations make it fun to read and use (and for those so inclined, fun to color as well.)

Based on personal experiences and learnings in a lifetime of curiosity - as well as almost 30 years as a consultant in creating happy and profitable business cultures, JoAnna encourages her readers to create their own lists of what works when the world gets them down. While the book was originally written before she became a happiness coach, this updated and revised edition is instilled with intuition and insight that stands the test of time.

Illustrations were meditated and then drawn by award winning artist and branding expert Jo Ann Goldsmith. Almost everyone who has purchased this book in the past has come back for more copies to give away to friends. It's the perfect "brighten a friend's day" gift.