Professional Selling In The 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times

Author: John Dietrich

Selling principles permeate throughout our daily lives...

Every job interview, relationship, team, or club one tries out for requires putting best sales skills and behavior forward.

Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times by John Dietrich and Cary Nichols not only demonstrates how readers can put concepts into practice, but examines how sales applies to ALL of our personal and professional lives as well.

Based on the authors' 40+ years of sales and education experience, Professional Selling in the 21st Century: 7 Ways, 7 Times...

...Is Practical! The publication not only discusses the concepts, but presents a variety of ways to practice the behaviors right now - today!

...Is Logical! To meet the structure of a typical undergraduate course, the text is divided into three categories: 1) Fundamentals of Building Relationships; 2) Targeting Your Audience and Positioning; and 3) Closing the Deal.

...Challenges Readers! Each chapter includes a case study or homework assignment to spark classroom discussion and encourage readers to take and defend a position with specific reasoning, intellect, and problem-solving skills