Billions Lost The American Tech Crisis and The Road Map to Change

Author: Hilarie Gamm

In this groundbreaking work, Hilarie Gamm connects the dots between seemingly disparate events and facts, and outlines with stunning clarity the perfect storm that created a massive exodus of tech industry jobs from the U.S. Extensively researched and firmly apolitical, Billions Lost explains how the offshoring of millions of U.S. technology jobs opened a gateway that places our economy, our national security, and our educational systems at risk.

Gamm succinctly explains the factors that snowballed into today's crisis, and identifies the ramifications of outsourcing on our country and its profound impact on America's middle class. Gamm closes with her Road Map to Change: 20 actions that can reverse the trend, improve education, save the middle class, and return growth, security, and prosperity to America.