Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes It Just Takes Them 3 to 5 Years to Realize It

Author: John Paul Mendocha

Most businesses fail in the first 5 minutes. Provocative? Yes! How is that possible? You as an entrepreneur are caught up in the euphoria of ideas, starting out with a bright, shiny object, your baby gem that will be wildly successful. Unfortunately, upwards of 90% of all failures can be traced to a simple fact ----- they fail at positioning, which inevitably leads to total failure. However, failure is not a foregone conclusion. Position to Win is a process that changes the odds drastically, moving you to a defensible position. Position to Win is strategic; it applies to person, idea, concept, product, service, and market. This is the first Ace in a system of seven Aces. It is the cornerstone of all success. It will open your eyes to the possible and turn it into the probable. Winning equals achievement. You can deal yourself a winning hand and become more than you are today. It all starts with Positioning yourself as a Winner!