Scam-Proof Your Assets

Author: Garrett Sutton

Deceptive misinformation comes at us for many reasons. A key one is to steal our assets. We are free to communicate and stay connected in many ways, but this benefit is now exploited by criminal elements who take and defraud. The wreckage wrought by cyber criminality is not only financial but highly emotional. Don’t let this happen to you or your family.

Scam Proof Your Assets: Guarding Against Widespread Deception gives you the tools and context for protecting yourself. This book teaches the patterns to look for, including greed and fear, ‘expert’ positioning, and charm as manipulation. It also analyzes the marks that criminals target, which include the well-educated and normally skeptical. If you think you’d never be a target, think again. Now and into the future you must keep your guard up against the relentless predators’ assault.