Business As Unusual A Futurist's Unorthodox, Unconventional, and Uncomfortable Guide to Doing Business

Author: Jack Uldrich

Today is the slowest rate of change we will ever experience. From this provoking premise, global futurist Jack Uldrich succinctly delivers ten Big AHA (awareness, humility, and action) ideas focused on helping business leaders and organizations navigate tomorrow’s uncharted and unpredictable waters. Uldrich’s unrivaled, fast-paced manifesto not only explains why “business as unusual” will be the new normal but also unpacks a series of uncommon and unorthodox actions designed to help you create and unleash a future of unparalleled success.

Business as Unusual reveals that the future is the one thing that everyone can change. To find success in business, you must believe the unbelievable, think about the unthinkable, listen to the unconventional, and question the unquestionable.