Building Bridges to Shift Your Beliefs

Jim Donovan The other night, I was delivering a tele-seminar for a network marketing group. I began talking about beliefs and how we can use an idea called a "bridge belief" to help us shift more toward where we want to go. The idea received such a great response that I thought I'd share it here with you.

Sometimes, what we envision for our lives is so far away from where we currently are that our subconscious mind has trouble believing it. This is one of the main reasons many people have a hard time with affirmations or even give up on their way to their ideal life.

So how do we get passed this? I use a technique called, a "bridge belief." It's really quite simple. Consider your current reality as a starting point. For example, "I have no mon*y," is a belief shared by many people.

Of course, when most people say they have "no mon*y," they really mean they have just enough to get by with their living expenses. I've been in situations when I literally had "NO mon*y" and believe me it is a very different situation. I've always liked what theater producer and showman, Mike Todd, said when a reporter asked him what it was like to be poor. Todd replied, "I have never been poor, I've been broke. Poor is a state of mind, broke is a temporary condition."

Let's supposing your goal is "financial independence." In order to have financial independence you would need to believe that you have lots of mon*y. Can you see the huge gap between these two realities? On one side of the gap, "I have no mon*y," and on the other side of the gap, "I have lots of mon*y." Trying to shift from a belief of "I have no mon*y" to a belief of "I have lots of mon*y," is like trying to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. This is something that was attempted by a dare devil named Eviel Knievel, who was seriously hurt attempting it.

A more effective method of achieving what you want and creating a new reality is to gradually move toward it by shifting your beliefs a little at a time. For example, a new belief you could use to move from "I have no mon*y," might be "I have just begun a part-time business that will increase my income."

While this is not the desired outcome of "I have lots of mon*y," it is further along than the original, low energy belief and will begin to move you in the direction of your dreams. As your "current reality" begins to shift, you can create another bridge belief that is even closer to your desired outcome until, one day, your desire and your reality are the same and you have whatever it is you want. By using the bridge belief, you will begin feeling better and be moving toward what you want.

Think about one thing that you really, really want to change. Perhaps it's your weight. What is your current reality? Is it, "I'm overweight and out of shape"? What is your desired reality? Is it, "I look and feel great and I am healthy and fit"? This is obviously, a long way from where you are now.

You could work with a new affirmation like "I'm exercising, eating better, and becoming healthier each day." While this may not be all the way to your goal, it will make you feel better than your current belief. The better you begin to feel about yourself, the more motivated you will be to achieving your goal.

Exercise - Creating your new bridge belief
What is your number one challenge? (my business is not succeeding)
What is your current reality belief (I can't do this)
What is your desired reality (I have a highly successful business)
Create your bridge belief (I have a coach who is helping me become more successful)

By affirming your new bridge belief which you believe because it is true, you'll produce feelings that are higher than the low energy feeling you have now. This new feeling will help you move toward to your desired goals. As you progress, you will change your bridge belief to match you new, improved reality until, one day, it will match what you want and you will have it.

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