Denial Ain’t a River in Egypt

Tony Paradiso Next to Howard Dean, John Kerry was unquestionably the most pathetic candidate the Democrats could have nominated. Hillary doesn’t count. They’re saving that disaster for 2008.

If Hillary does get the nod, the debacle of 2004 will look like resounding victory. With Howard Dean practically a shoe-in to be chairman of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary on the front-end of the presidential ticket, the Republicans could pull a “Weekend at Bernie’s” and dig up Nixon, and win.

But who could blame the Democrats for continuing their “we lost because we’re not liberal enough” strategy. It’s worked so well.

Anyway, back to Kerry.

Pointing out that Kerry lacks personality is equivalent in absurdity to telling Einstein two plus two equals four. However, far worse was his apparent lack of spinal fortitude manifested by an inability to take, and stick to a position.

And please, can the crap about how he risked his life in Vietnam then returned to assume a very unpopular stance against the war. Despite bolting the combat zone in a mere four months by accepting at least one dubious Purple Heart, I give him credit for putting his life on the line. Beyond that, I’m personally suspicious of his motives.

Regardless, there is a statute of limitations on having a backbone. What the man did 30 years ago is irrelevant. The state of his character today is all that matters. And in that regard he has demonstrated nothing of merit.

Think I’m kicking not so poor John while he’s down? And your point would be?

I’d be happy to erase John Kerry’s existence from my mind if the man would be gracious enough to leave public life and never return. But nooooo. He felt compelled to surface again on “Meet the Press” only to prove he is truly living in a whimsical world of his own imagination.

Want to know why he lost the election? It wasn’t because he ran a lousy campaign. Or that he flip-flopped like a beached fish. Or that he is as inspiring as Alan Greenspan on valium. Nope. It was because of the “9/11 hurdle.”

According to Kerry, “There was a lot of evidence in the aftermath of the analysis that people found it hard to shift commander in chief in midstream.”


Then how to do explain the fact that the majority of people disagreed with the president’s handling of the war in Iraq? Or why President Bush’s approval rating was the lowest of any president ever to be re-elected. Or that even the people that voted for him wanted him to alter his strategy in a second term. And what about the evidence that the religious right considered moral values a key issue?

What a putz!

Do your party and the American people a favor, pull a Houdini and disappear.


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