You Can't Work Your Way To Wealth

Jim Donovan Like most people, I used to think that if I just worked more, harder or longer, I¹d get ahead. What I got was tired! I was recently listening to legendary master of success, Bob Proctor on his "You Were Born Rich" Seminar. He was relating a story about how, many years ago, he literally passed out from exhaustion from working too hard. It was then that he realized he needed to find a better way. I can relate to that, as I am sure you can as well.

The inspiration that he received lead him to build his one man office cleaning service into a multi city cleaning company. He used the principal of leverage. Leverage is the key to multiplying your time and assets. It¹s important to know however, that prior to his breakthrough idea, he¹d been studying success principles and had learned the value of creating a successful image of himself. This is essential.

You can not perform at a level that is not in alignment with your self-image. If you begin to see and feel yourself as a successful person, it¹s just a matter of time before you will become one. Image is the first, crucial, key in creating the life you want. However, it doesn¹t end there. There are several other strategies that you can employ to speed things up.

Learn to leverage. What Bob did, was leverage his talents to build the business, providing opportunities for others along the way. Many people find network marketing and ideal way to do this. You can find a product you like, a company you believe in and begin your business with virtually no capital invested. By leveraging your time and talent you can provide opportunities for other, like-minded people and grow your business in the process. I personally know individuals who have gone from minimum wage jobs to million dollar business owners through this process.

If you are a service provider, you can hire additional freelance help to leverage your time. You might even out source the parts of your business that could be done by someone other than yourself, as a way to open up more of your time to concentrate on your core business. Many self-employed people, like me, use the services of virtual assistants (VA¹s), to take care of some of the administrative and other tasks that we may not be as well suited for or do not really want to be doing. This frees up our time to devote to doing those things we do well.

Another way you can multiply yourself is through networking. Getting to know other business people in your area and letting them get to know you, can be a great way to obtain new business without having to go out and search for it. There are formalized networking groups and Chambers of Commerce and virtual every city and town.

Finally, an additional way to leverage your time and assets is through passive revenue. Passive revenue is income you receive that does not require you to actually do something each time. Musicians, authors, software developers and inventors earn income this way. They use their ability to create a product, bring it to market and receive ongoing income from the sales of their creation.

Many people today are adding passive revenue through affiliate sales on the Internet through affiliate sales.

The concept behind affiliate sales is pretty simple. You find a product you like, from a company who has an affiliate program, and you resell their products to your community. For example, all of my books and programs are available to our affiliates. You can learn more here:

Other types of passive revenue include investments of various kinds, from stocks to real estate. Which ever method or combination of methods you choose, developing ways to multiply your time and talents is the key to creating a high level of success and multiplying your income.

Remember, it all begins with creating a compelling vision of who you want to become.

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