Peter  Kent

Peter Kent

Peter Kent is a best-selling author of around 50 books including the most widely reviewed and praised title in computer-book history, Poor Richards Web Site: Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site, and his upcoming book, Cryptocurrency Mining for Dummies.

Peter's online experience is extensive, dating back to 1984. He was the founder of an e-business service provider, funded by one of the worlds largest venture-capital firm; the founder of a publishing company, selling books online in 1997; the VP of Web Solutions for a national ISP; and VP of Marketing for a Web-development company.

In addition, Peter has been a litigation expert witness for Apple, Facebook, Shopify, BNSF Railway, Priceline,, GEICO, Bankrate, Microsoft, Time Warner, Google and many more.

Peter recently launched a video training course, Crypto Clear: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Made Simple, for newcomers to cryptocurrency.