Tom Feltenstein

Tom is CEO and Founder of Power Marketing Academy (PMA,. He is renowned speaker, well-known coach, trainer, and strategist and author of 11 books, including Uncommon Wisdom (2003), and two new companion books, one on his marketing concepts -- The 10-Minute Marketer’s Secret Formula: A Shortcut to Extraordinary Profits Using Neighborhood Marketing (Entrepreneur Press 2005) and the other with complementary and creative tactical ideas, 401 Killer Marketing Tactics To Increase Sales, Maximize Profits, and Stomp Your Competition (McGraw-Hill 2005).

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Jim talks with Tom about how to acquire and maintain balance in your life. Specifically, they discuss what Tom calls "The Art of Being You", getting the most out of yourself.
Gary and Tom talk with Jim about the importance of reintegration of the spiritual aspects of life into the marketplace.
Jim interviews Tom about how to successfully merge our business life and spiritual life. Tom explains how to accept ourselves, and identify different ways to measure success apart from material things. He and Jim talk about "Four Walls Marketing", how to be more successful by paying attention to our "internal customers", our employees.