George Selgin

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George Selgin joins Jim Blasingame to report on what goes on during an FOMC meeting, and why we no longer wonder what the Fed will announce following a two-day meeting.
George Selgin joins Jim Blasingame to reveal what Alt M means, and why your monetary future will look increasingly different from what you know, plus why we should expect U.S. dollar denominated private cryptocurrencies to emerge.
George Selgin joins Jim Blasingame to report on the possibility of the Fed using their charter to expand their portfolio outside of general sovereign monetary support into funding of specific projects, and the many troubling implications thereof.
Jim has his hands full interviewing these two Ph.D.s about national and global economic issues, including inflation, deflation, stock market fundamentals, consumer debt vs investment, and other issues.
Dr. Selgin talks with Jim about national and global currency issues and dynamics that are affecting all markets, especially the local markets in which we operate our small businesses.