W. Michael Cox

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Throwing caution to the wind and in great peril to their safety Mike and Jim discuss women in the market place. Both of these guys are strong proponents <br>of the advances of women in the market place and they discuss some of those advances during their visit. <br></["br"]></["br"]>
Jim and Michael talk about the issue of productivity is not causing loss of jobs, but an increase in living standards.
Michael joins Jim to help define the truth about outsourcing and how it can boost your small business.
Michael joins Jim to talk about the importance of free trade in the 21st century.
Michael joins Jim to talk about China and why it is important to understand how and why China is affecting the U.S. economy.
Michael joins Jim to talk about small businesses and free trade. They discuss the conflict between producers and consumers when it comes to the free trade issue.
Michael joins Jim at the beginning of 2003 to discuss the economic progress of women.