John Bozard
Dr. William DeCampli

Interview with John Bozard and Dr. William DeCampli

Dr. DeCampli and Jim are joined by John as the doctor continues to discuss the advances in medicine. Later John talks about the Arnold Palmer Hospitals and the progress they’re making in the treatment of women, children and infants as well as medical research.

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You can help Arnold Palmer celebrate his birthday. It's true! John Bozard joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how you can write The King a birthday note and and make a donation in support of his beloved hospitals that bear his name.
Why are non-profit organizations negatively impacted by an economic downturn? John Bozard joins Jim Blasingame to answer this question and to talk about the important work that Arnold Palmer Hospitals.
Jim broadcasts live from Orlando, Florida when John joins him to talk about a very special partnership that benefits our precious children.
John joins Jim to talk about the important work that Arnold Palmer Hospital does for women and children regardless of where they live in the world or whether they can pay for their care. If they can get to the hospital they will be treated. He also talks about the plans for expansion to include a pediatrics and trauma center to treat children who have been injured from all over the world.