Maria Coyne

Reporting on the confidence of women business owners

What are women business owners saying about the current state of the economy? Maria Coyne joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the results of the Key4Women Confidence Survey, including their attitude about sales, pricing, credit and the future prospects.

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Maria Coyne talks with Jim Blasingame about several of the most important fundamentals that any small business should focus on, especially during a challenging economy, including maintaining a close relationship with your banker.
What do women need from their bank? Maria joins Jim to talk about the "four pillars" of the banking relationships with small business owners -- especially women business owners.
More and more baby boomers are starting small businesses these days, and Maria joins Jim to talk about some of the things these entrepreneurial late-bloomers should consider before talking the leap.
Maria joins Jim to talk about how banks are helping small businesses in ways beyond loans and checking accounts.