Interview with Randy Gibbs

Randy and Jim discuss how the "Lenses" through which we see the world affects us and impacts our success or failure.

Category: Work-Life, Balance

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With more and more employees having access to the Internet, email, instant messaging, etc., how does a small business owner manage their the online behavior of their staff? Rick and Jim talk about how much surveillance is allowed by law, what you should do, how you should do it, and how to keep morale high while you're doing it.
Randy, who is legally blind, joins Jim to help us focus on what we see, and what we don't see as we manage our businesses day-to-day. They take a caller who offers his ideas on the subject of focus, which provides a great opportunity for Randy to contribute his thoughts and advice on the caller's specific example. Randy also explains the power of a view point, both positive AND negative view points. Powerful information. Outstanding dialogue. Don't miss this one.