W. Michael Cox

What's driving America's internal migration?

Why are American's leaving certain states and going to others? Michael Cox joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the six things Americans are migrating to other states to avoid, including high taxes, unions and cost of living.

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Which direction is America heading? Michael Cox joins Jim Blasingame to talk about America heading toward a European socialistic economic system and whether it's too late to turn that trend around.
Americans are migrating within the country like never before. Michael Cox joins Jim Blasingame to report on the fact that perhaps more than any other time, Americans are leaving certain states for better options in other states.
What factors will influences the future economy? Economist, Michael Cox, joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how and why the next economic period will be different from the last one, and what major factors will be the most influencial.
What will cause the next economic expansion? Michael Cox joins Jim Blasingame to discuss what caused the last economic expansion and predict what factors will produce the next one. They also talk about investment opportunities in the coming expansion, including what small businesses should plan for.
How will Fed policies - past and present - impact how the economy recovers and sustains itself? Mike Cox and Jim Blasingame talk about steps taken by the Fed as it attempts to control price levels to avoid inflation, while simultaneously promoting economic growth. They discuss how all of this impacts small businesses.