Interview with Gwendolyn Galsworth

Our minds are image-seeking mechanisms. That's what Gwendolyn tells Jim during this interview, plus how to turn this fact into efficiencies and higher profits for your small business by creating a more visual workplace.

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Visuality is all around us -- probably a lot more than we think -- and Gwendolyn talks about this with Jim and how we can use the elements of visuality to create more efficiency, more profits and be more successful in our small businesses.
Our world is full of colors and shapes and Gwendolyn talks with Jim about how to use these to find efficiencies in our businesses.
Gwendolyn and Jim continue their series on the impact visualization can have -- positive and negative -- on our workplace, including some suggestions for making the impact positive for your workplace.
Gwendolyn and Jim talk about how much of the work that takes place in your small business is adding value or not adding value. You will be surprised at what the research shows. Gwendolyn also offers her thoughts on how to improve this ratio.
Gwendolyn and Jim talk about adding visual influences in your workflow, to make your organization more effective and efficient.