Linda Ireland

How improved customer service becomes the best kind of capital

Looking for ways to improve your business's capital picture? Linda Ireland joins Jim Blasingame to identify how doing a better job of serving customers is one of the best ways to find new capital organically.

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How can excellent customer service become capital? Linda Ireland joins Jim Blasingame to offer tips on how improving customer service, making things easier for your customer, plus building trust is part of your business' capitalization plan.
Is your organization hiding opportunity you could be cashing in on? Linda Ireland joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the intangible elements of your business model that you may not be maximizing, but are attractive to customers.
Business is so much easier when we just ask customers what they want. Linda Ireland talks to Jim Blasingame about why our customers' experiences with us are the key to growing sales and profits in the future.
Everything you sell is a commodity. Everything! The only way to differentiate your business from the competition is through the experience you give your customers. Linda Ireland joins Jim Blasingame to explain how customer experience can tip everything in your business toward better financial performance.