Being a Small Business Owner Will Change You

If you don't like change, don't become a small business owner. If you like everything about who you are and will never want to change, don't follow the path of an entrepreneur.

The forces in the world of small business will change you. If you survive, you will become smarter, tougher, more self-confident, more aware of your instincts and know more about what you're made of than ever before. If you survive.

Charles Francis Adams, Jr., historian and grandson of John Quincy Adams, once observed that, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln "... developed immensely; he became in fact another being. History, indeed, hardly presents an analogous case of education through trial."

During your life as a small business owner, you will acquire an education through trial, and this education will change you. Armed with that understanding you can embrace the education, value the changes and develop immensely.