Small Business Wisdom

I found this in Joseph Bailey’s excellent book, The Speed Trap, “You don’t have to be a genius to have wisdom; it is available to all of us. When your mind spins out of control, let go and trust that the wisdom within you will guide you back to happiness. Wisdom is true genius.”

One of the benefits of getting older is that, presumedly, we also get wiser. Humans of all ages react to most things from either of three locations in our being: Head, heart, and gut, or instinct. I believe wisdom might simply be knowing which one to listen to.
For small business owners it’s not always easy to employ our wisdom. We are often pulled in several directions at once, while simultaneously feeling crushed by the stress and pressures that come with this life we have chosen and cherish. For us, the challenge is to find the discipline to let our wisdom work.
When things are the most hectic, try to slow down. Give the wisdom you have acquired time to work. Wisdom is best employed after a deep breath, at a minimum, and a night’s sleep, at the optimum. If you learn how to use your wisdom you can be a genius. Joe Bailey said so.