Getting New Customers 2014

Alan Maites

As 2014 begins, I’m sure you’re trying to plan the best way to keep/grow your current customers. Most likely, you are going to need to acquire new customers as well. We know the investment to acquire new customers is substantial, but it’s not something you can ignore.

We’ve often stated that acquisition can be viewed as ‘sport’ as long as a few core principles are followed. Our previous post Guidelines & Best Practices: B2B Customer Acquisition covers those principles.

But what strategies/tactics will you deploy this year to acquire the right customers for your product/service? With the plethora of options out there what will you choose? The current ‘silver bullet’ du jour? Here are 10 questions to consider prior to launching or fine-tuning your 2014 acquisition efforts.

1. Is the right organization and process (from lead gen & nurturing to activation) in place to support an ongoing effort?

2. Are your marketing automation tools fully leveraged?

3. Do you have quantifiable objectives and methods of measuring your results?

4. Have you identified and prioritized your target audiences?

5. Will your value proposition resonate with the target?

6. Will you capture actionable data and have a plan to use it?

7. Have you planned to leverage both new and traditional communication channels?

8. Will you be able to sense, develop and respond at the speed of today’s marketplace?

9. Have you utilized your internal assets (i.e. employees) to further your reach efficiently?

10. Have you considered how your current customers can help?

Alan Maites is the futurist at Radiant 1
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