Give Small Biz a Seat at the Table

Karen Kerrigan
There is no doubt that President-elect Barack Obama is a very smart man. I am someone who enjoys watching success in action, and I was very impressed by the precision, polish and penetration of his campaign. Yes, one can argue that there were many outside factors that presented insurmountable barriers to a McCain victory (I happen to disagree), but there's something to be said for that old saying -- you know..."preparation meets opportunity" -- that played out in Obama's road to victory.

So, I congratulate President-elect Barack Obama, and Vice President-elect Joe Biden.

Since Mr. Obama is a very sharp man, it would be a wise move to bring the perspective of entrepreneurs into consideration as he develops his new Administration's priorities. He still needs to put specifics behind some key proposals, and it just makes sense to know what is going to hurt, or help, small businesses. After all, our nation has become increasingly dependent on the small business sector for job creation, new innovations and technological break-throughs, and renewing urban and rural communities when larger companies move overseas or go bankrupt.

The Obama agenda is very aggressive, and a fair number of the proposals could have a negative impact on the small business sector. From taxes, to health care reform and regulatory initiatives, the inclusion of entrepreneurs in the policy development process-- in my opinion -- will help produce better results in such policies.

In the end, the consideration of small business needs will only accelerate the capacity for our sector to innovate, create jobs, invest and provide our workforce with the health care, salaries and other benefits that they so richly deserve.

America is full of hope today, so let's be hopeful that the new President will offer small business owners and entrepreneurs a voice at his policy-making table.

Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
Copyright 2008

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