Lead With A Smile

Andrea Nierenberg Everyone responds well to a smile. When you meet someone, it’s the most important thing you can wear. It’s also the first step in building rapport. Remember, to smile when you enter a room, begin a business meeting, and answer the phone. Here are a few reasons why a smile is so important:

  • When you smile, the other person becomes the mirror that reflects your expression.

  • A smile can raise your spirits and can mean the difference between an okay introduction and a great introduction.

  • Your smile can affect the way you sound and change your inner perception.

    Follow through with a handshake

    Your handshake is an important part of your body language to consider when meeting and greeting. A soft and floppy grip may imply that you lack confidence or are unenthusiastic, whereas a vice-like grip may come across as forceful and aggressive. Here are some tips for a proper handshake:

  • Grip the other person’s hand firmly at the point where the webs of your thumbs meet.

  • Shake from the elbow, not the shoulder, and just a couple of times.

  • Hold only a few seconds and end cleanly.

  • Use only one hand. Don’t use your free hand to cover the other person hand.

    Remember, your smile speaks volumes and encourages people either to open up to you or walk away. A great handshake will help you appear self-confident, friendly and open to your new contact. Together, a warm smile and a sincere handshake are powerful tools to use when meeting new people in a networking situation.

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