Reduce Friction in 2009 By Boosting Your Use Of Technology

Ramon Ray

Have you ever gone somewhere and were frustrated that you could not get what you wanted? Maybe you went to a concert and were told there were no more seats, only to have a kind stranger give you some inside information on how to get an extra 2 seats for some friends. Maybe you were told that the store did not have your shirt size, but a fellow shopper gave you a tip that you could get the same shirts, for less money at a store around the corner.

Sometimes, our use of technology is like this. We struggle and struggle to do something and some kind geek or just another business person who is "in the know" shows us a better way to do what we are doing.

For example, many of you might type business cards you get after a meeting into your contact software. You might see an advertisement or a friends tells you that you can buy a business card scanner and scan in your business cards with minimal typing. Friction has just been reduced.

There are so many new and updated online tools, many free, many low cost that you can begin to use in your business that will reduce friction. Maybe your business sends and receives a lot of files and your primarily send them via email. Email's ok but it takes up server space and can be confusing to manage revisions.

A tool like enables anyone you authorize to "drop" files to you quickly and easily. Sending files via email has too much "friction" using a service like if "friction-less" or at least reduces the friction. One of the newest feature of includes a hidden upload feature, which enables files to be added to a drop without revealing the name of identity of the drop. This new feature is especially useful when a one-way private file collection system (drop box) is needed. is just an example, a VERY powerful example, but there are so many other tools (such as Skype) that make life easier, save money, save time, or boost productivity. Do you still go to the fax machine to send faxes? You could use a toold like eFax or even desktop faxing using software such as WinFax Pro.

In 2009, have a "tech audit" with your consultant and let her review your day-to-day business processes and see how technology can help.

Ramon Ray is editor of and author of Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses.
Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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