Set Yourself Up for Success

JoAnna Brandi

Do you remember the last time you bought a car? If you knew the kind of car you wanted to buy, you may have noticed a strange thing happened. Let’s say you wanted to buy a red Jeep. From the time you started thinking about it until after the time you bought it, it’s likely you saw red Jeeps all over the place!

Were there really more red Jeeps on the road? No, but since there is a part of your brain – the Reticular Activating System – that acts like a search engine to help you find what you are looking for – you were able to notice more of the red Jeeps (or yellow Volkswagens or blue BMW’s).

You can use that very same part of your brain deliberately to help set yourself up for a successful day, month, year and life. When you say the words “I intend” with conviction and determination, you activate a force that is as powerful as gravity (but just as unseen). “Today I intend to be positive. Today I intend to be kind. Today I intend to stay focused. Today I intend to complete my project.” You get the picture.

So the process begins with using the power of Intention to state what you choose.

Then, write it down and say it out loud. Both actions tell your brain you are serious about this. Try looking in the mirror while speaking it aloud – say it with passion and purpose!

Focus on intention through the day. I like writing my intentions on index cards so I can carry them with me. You can use paper or an electronic device to keep your intentions handy. Check in once an hour, or when you refresh your beverage, or get a meal.

Use “How?” and “What?” questions to go deeper. “How might I find more things to appreciate?” “What actions can I take to be more positive?” “How can I discover more ways to be kind?” These kind of questions stimulate your brain to seek answers.

Oh yes, and using a body posture like the one in the picture will help activate the success chemicals in your body and set you on the road for victory! Raise your arms and state your intention out loud – it’s a powerful message to your brain.

Go ahead, practice it now.

I Intend _______________________________________________

I Intend _______________________________________________

I Intend _______________________________________________

JoAnna Brandi is President of JoAnna Brandi & Company, and author of several books. Copyright 2013. Author retains copyright. All Rights Reserved.

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