Jim Blasingame

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After this last installment of the three-part series covering The Five Financial Mysteries of Small Business, you should have a better handle on the relationship between cash, profit, accounting, a... » More
This is the second of three articles on how to prevent your firm from becoming part of the increasing mortality statistics of U.S. small businesses. Hint: Profit and cash are not the same things. » More
This is the first article in a three-part series on how to prevent your operation from joining the increasing mortality of U.S. small businesses. Remember Blasingame's 1st Law of Small Business: It... » More
Without a healthy interest in business fundamentals, the passion for what you do has only slightly more value than a dream. But when you deliver on the fundamentals, you become a high-performing, p... » More
Education and instincts are important, but it's the relationships you build with people that will ultimately lead to your success in business. Meet Dave Longaberger. » More
Growing up on a farm provided many valuable lessons that transferred beautifully to my life in the non-farming marketplace, because before there were cities, farmers were discovering and sharing po... » More
Each New Year deserves to have the maximum opportunity to be successful, so have the discipline to set up your New Year for a clean and fast start, while pushing the current year over the goal line... » More
Jim challenges us all again, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, to make a difference by focusing on our shared humanity instead of our differences. » More
The best way to be successful AND happy is to define success in many ways, including having a life that’s balanced with richness outside of the business. » More
Jim makes the case to define military veterans as all who swore the military oath, served honorably, and made themselves available to a grateful nation. Happy Veteran's Day. » More