Jim Blasingame

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In Part 2 of this series, Jim discusses Level Two CWCS, which only afflicts managers and is more troubling and organizationally more devastating than Level One, because it occurs at the top, where ... » More
Do you worry about the competition? In the Age of the Customer, an obsession with the competition can result in an unfortunate and dangerous condition Blasingame calls the "Customer? What Customer?... » More
Professional salespeople are the most important players in the marketplace. But professional selling is as hard as it is important, so the last thing salespeople need is to be fighting call relucta... » More
Get your small business off to a good start in the New Year by incorporating these ten fundamentals into your management practices. And, remember, there’s a reason some things are fundamental. They... » More
In his traditional holiday message, Jim acknowledges being a Scrooge, submits evidence in his defense, plus offers two challenges to us to make the world a better place. » More
Millions of small businesses sell personal services instead of tangible products and because the pricing isn’t as intuitive, many service businesses too often don’t charge enough. Don’t make the pr... » More
Each New Year deserves to have the maximum opportunity to be successful, so don’t saddle it with last year’s obsolescence, waste, and bad decisions. Have the discipline to set up 2022 for a clean a... » More
A written business plan is an assembly of facts, ideas, assumptions, and projections about the future. Planning is measuring your business motion against the baseline of assumptions and projections... » More
Jim challenges us all, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, to make a difference by focusing on our shared humanity instead of our differences. » More
If your sales effort isn’t getting the job done, it’s probably not because your team isn’t working hard enough, it’s because in The Age of the Customer, vendors are being ruled in or out before the... » More