Jim Blasingame

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When the jury was still out on your business’ survival, you probably didn’t want to enter into a permanent location obligation. But if you think you’re going to make it, now might be a good time to... » More
Personal self-analysis may be the most valuable skill you can employ to become a better person and small business CEO. And organizational self-analysis is essential to sustained success in the mar... » More
Jim Blasingame reflects on the events and emotions of September 11, 2001. » More
Sales has been and always will be a numbers game. But in the Age of the Customer, it’s increasingly becoming more of a quality prospecting game. Consequently, how much revenue you draw from your sa... » More
When a partnership works, it’s a beautiful thing; when it doesn’t, it defines ugly. If you’re considering a partnership structure for your small business, ask yourself, and your potential partner, ... » More
The classic financial benefits derived from small business ownership typically fall under two categories: earned income, like a salary, and unearned income, like distribution of profits. But there ... » More
The bad news for small business is the Price War is over and we lost. But the good news is the Trust War is on, and establishing trust as a best practice with all the stakeholders in your small bus... » More
Like Olympic athletes, small business owners dedicate countless hours over many years in search of excellence, taking great risks at all odds, usually at their own expense, and the world is a bette... » More
As you know, human brains have two sides, each controlling different thought processes. And although one side or the other is dominant in most people, a small business CEO has to perform like a who... » More
Every business sale is a unique transaction, and likely the most complicated transaction you’ll ever undertake. To help you begin this long process, consider a few early questions to ask a prospect... » More