Karen Kerrigan

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Small business owners are not celebrating the anniversary of the so-called "Affordable Care Act." They're still waiting for the "affordable" part. » More
What is going on with "card check" legislation, and how does it affect small business? Karen Kerrigan gives the details. » More
The Obama Transition Team invited people to host "health care discussions." Karen Kerrigan shares what small business owners discover regarding health care. » More
After going to the first World Entrepreneurship Forum in France, Karen Kerrigan shares a letter from Philip Verges regarding entrepreneurs and Wall Street. » More
It would be a wise move to bring the perspective of entrepreneurs into consideration as President-elect Barack Obama develops his new Administration's priorities. » More
I refuse to be a "Doomsday Diva." This country has come through challenging economic times. It will do it again, says Karen Kerrigan. » More
A coalition is formed to oppose Congress's efforts to change tax laws. Karen Kerrigan gives the details. » More
Congress faces a looming deadline of Nov. 1: The day the Internet tax moratorium expires. » More
...by Expanding Medical Savings Accounts » More
...Includes Help for Women Entrepreneurs » More