Debbie Meyer

Debbie Meyer

Known as the "Home Problem Solver", DEBBIE MEYER™ uses her wealth of knowledge to find answers to common problems, without creating new ones. Her patented inventions and innovative products are tangible solutions that help make everyday life easier. She has an uncanny ability to identify and SOLVE problems that we all have in and around the home. Quote: “I am solving my own problems and that’s why my products are so universally popular!” Debbie is an innovator, who actually does the research and develops and designs her own products. As an inventor, she holds many patents and her many successful products are testament to her ability to identify with and meet the needs of millions of people.

Prior to co-founding her own company, Housewares America, Inc., and her very successful move to becoming an entrepreneur, DEBBIE MEYER™ began her business career in the corporate world and held executive level management positions. Her unstoppable, creative flair led her to her present success.

From her wide formal education, and her extensive application and experience in all aspects of homemaking, including cooking, baking, sewing (including the nearly lost art of heirloom sewing), knitting and crochet, craft work, cleaning techniques, product knowledge, product design and invention, writing, public speaking and Radio and TV appearances, DEBBIE MEYER™ has assembled an encyclopedic store of knowledge---and experience---which she can, and does, call up immediately---answering wide ranging questions on everything from home-keeping questions to sewing, crafts, organization, storage, and home dec. to personal care. Debbie is a successful entrepreneurial businesswoman, wife, and mother, who cares for her own home and solves her own household problems.

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