Don  Stenberg

Don Stenberg

Don Stenberg is an honors graduate of Harvard Law School and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He served 12 years as Nebraska’s Attorney General and 8 years as Nebraska State Treasurer. He has argued several constitutional law cases in the Supreme Court of the United States and is the author of a new book, Eavesdropping on Lucifer.

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Don Stenberg joins Jim Blasingame to report on the destruction of public property and associated crimes that are hiding behind reasonable civil protests, and why we must differentiate the civil from the forces of evil that mean harm to all of America.
Don Stenberg joins Jim Blasingame to discuss how evil works in the world, and how it plays the long game to use otherwise good people to unwittingly become complicit in defining deviancy down.
Don Stenberg joins Jim Blasingame to establish that, regardless of religion, there are evil forces at work in the world, and they have taken a toll on America.