Hector Barreto

Hector Barreto

The Honorable Hector V. Barreto is the Chairman of The Latino Coalition (TLC), one of the largest and most effective Latino advocacy groups in the U.S. Barreto served five years as the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration and held the SBA to record heights of support for small businesses, especially minority and female entrepreneurs, by leveraging a loan portfolio that exceeded $60 billion.

Barreto's community service includes being the founder and former chairman of Business Matchmaking, a highly recognized non-profit that has helped small business owners gain access to government and corporate procurement representatives. Barreto is also a member of the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and serves on its council for small business.

He has been inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and recognized by many organizations including the U.S. Congress, the California State Senate and Assembly and the American Red Cross. In 2006 he was presented with the prestigious Aguila Azteca Award by President Fox of Mexico.

Barreto is the author of The Engine of America, a book dedicated to motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs through real life stories and the winning formulas of successful business leaders.

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