Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak is a living example of how to turn a passion into a thriving business. Now a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author and business coach, Jane launched her business career in the unlikely field of egg decoration!

Jane’s story is an odyssey that led her from remote crafts fairs and customer rejections to an invitation to the White House and appearances on NBC’s Today Show. Her passion gradually shifted to coaching other creative professionals and helping them achieve greater success. In addition to being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, she offers a unique vantage point because of her success in transforming her art into a profitable business.

The lessons Jane learned along the way led her to share her story and give advice to struggling entrepreneurs, traveling the country and beyond. In 2010 she re-released her book, Soul Proprietor: 101 Lessons from a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, with updated lessons including how to pursue your dream during an economic downturn and how to use new technology to authentically promote your business.

Jane continues sharing inspirational, yet practical, lessons with creative professionals most recently at TEDxMillRiver as well as her twice weekly blog posts at janepollakblog.com. In addition to coaching and speaking, she hosts Remarkable Women events to give women intimate networking opportunities to inspire, encourage and motivate each other. She launched her Soul Proprietor Webinar Series in 2014 where she shares with entrepreneurs a proven step-by-step formula to business success and profitability.

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