Larry Weidel

Larry Weidel

Larry is the author of Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success (Greenleaf, October 2015). He holds weekly coaching calls for more than a thousand leaders across the United States and Canada. His videos on career success, leadership, sales, recruiting, and training are widely popular inside and outside the company. Through this website, he shares articles and other resources to help people overcome the obstacles preventing them from winning in any area of life.

In 1975, Weidel had the chance to help build A.L. Williams, now Primerica, an award-winning financial services company which has grown across North America.

During his decades with Primerica, Larry has learned the fundamentals of winning from mentors like Yankees baseball legend Robert “Bullet Bob” Turley and Art Williams, the founder of the company.

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Larry Weidel joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the five key factors and behaviors that make a serial winner, including being decisive and never giving up.
Larry Weidel joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the things he learned by helping to found A.L. Williams and Associates and what hard work means to being a success.