Lisa Kunin

Lisa Kunin

Lisa Kunin, President of BookDirectNY, is a pioneer in the field of coordinating radio tours with broadcasting and media production companies.

Insightful, relevant and timely interviews is what BookDirectNY is all about. We are a radio placement group devoted exclusively to arranging top-notch radio interviews. Our goal is two-fold: to provide engaging interviews and increase our clients’ sales. We bring over 25 years of experience, along with personalized service, to the creation and implementation of national and market specific radio tours.

Throughout our years in business, BookDirectNY has fostered long-term relationships with authors, publishers and radio media. Whether you are a publisher or author with a story to get across or a radio host looking to present your audience with an engaging idea, BookDirectNY will make it happen!

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Lisa Kunin joins Jim Blasingame to report on her small business and how doing business has changed, and not always for the better.
Lisa Kunin joins Jim Blasingame to share their experiences together over 23 years in presenting quality radio conversation, and how things have changed in the past quarter-century.