Mike Brosig

Mike Brosig

Having the opportunity to attend college before, during, and after four years of service in the US Air Force, Mike Brosig graduated from the University of Maryland with a marketing degree and significant course work and minors in accounting, psychology, and economics.

In addition to other complementary employment, Mike worked for three very diversified holding companies during his career in various management capacities. In between the second and third holding companies he had the opportunity to own his own business, and did so successfully.

In all four of these situations Mike worked with many different business structures… sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, Master limited partnerships, sub S corporations, LLCs, C Corporations, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and even a Unitrust. He has developed a real appreciation for when to apply each of these different forms of ownership.

Through many years of serving in management positions he learned the difference between leadership and management. He believes that he has always served in both capacities with honesty and integrity throughout his career.

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Mike Brosig joins Jim Blasingame to offer advice to employers on how to help employees continue to do their jobs during the period of transition when a business is being sold.
Mike Brosig joins Jim Blasingame to offer advice to employees on how to behave if they find out the company they work for might be sold.