Rachael Gillette

Rachael Gillette

Passionate about leadership development, organization growth and making a difference, Rachael has been Chief Leadership Development Office for Studer Community Institute, for the last six years. She is responsible for the leading the program including creation of curriculum, and the implementation of leadership training programs, workshops, customized business solutions and EntreCon® - a two-day business and leadership conference.

Rachael Gillette’s unique background combines over 25 years’ experience in leadership, coaching, training and speaking.

Prior to emigrating to America, Gillette practiced as a Barrister-at-Law for 9 years in England. In the US, she is trained as a Family Mediator on the First Judicial Circuit in Pensacola, FL.
Rachael is a John Maxwell certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

An avid sailor, Rachael competes in local, national, and international regattas and is the winner of the British Virgin Islands Interline Regatta, Regata-al-Sol and four-time winner of the Women’s Gulf Yachting Association champion, Race for the Roses and Pensacola Yacht Club’s Offshore Sailor of the Year and Sportswoman of the Year.
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