Ron  Zayas

Ron Zayas

An experienced CEO, Ron Zayas co-founded 360 BC Group in 2004 and quickly grew it into a successful online marketing agency that caters to Fortune 500, major municipalities, and small business clients. Prior to 360, he spent ten years as chief marketing officer for the world's largest franchisor of printing and small business services. He is a frequent mentor or board member to innovative start-ups.

Ron has also been a founder or key partner in multiple successful start-ups, including a business that focuses on social media child protection, and founded one of the nation's first digital graphics companies.

Ron is a frequent speaker and blogger on the future of online technology, marketing, or how to protect the privacy of children and individuals on the Internet. He has delivered presentations on these vital topics to the Federal Trade Commission and the National Association of Attorneys General. He is a licensed pilot and has published numerous books on marketing and small business management.

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