Debbe Kennedy

Focusing on the customer's experience with you

Focusing on the customer's experience with you, Debbe Kennedy joins Jim Blasingame with several stories about how others are creating exceptional experiences for their customers and how you can, too.

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What is the greatest change small businesses will face in 2010? Debbe Kennedy talks to Jim Blasingame about a paradigm shift that is taking place in the marketplace: the customer is now in complete control. They talk about how to respond to this shift and what will happen to those businesses that don't.
Innovation doesn't have to mean technology, especially during a recession? Debbe Kennedy reveals 3 big ideas for small business with Jim Blasingame, for innovating in hard times.
Can you make the changes necessary for your small business to survive? Debbe Kennedy reveals specific things to do, with Jim Blasingame.
Debbe Kennedy talks with Jim Blasingame about how small business owners can keep their heads up and eyes open so they can be ready when opportunity presents itself, including three key points to help them.
Are you embracing diversity in your small business as a best practice? Debbe Kennedy joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how diversity is a key small business element in 21st century leadership and execution.