21 Success Tips

Beverley Williams

1. Know if you have what it takes to be a home-based entrepreneur.

2. Know if you can legally operate a business from home.

3. Check out a business opportunity thoroughly before you write that check.

4. Communicate your plans and strategies to other members of the household and get their input.

5. Learn and practice good time management techniques.

6. Get out of the home office on a regular basis.

7. Don’t assume your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover a business in that home.

8. Have a clearly defined space for your home office.

9. Separate your office operation from the home.

10. Use a mailing service address rather than a P.O. Box for your mail.

11. Price yourself as an expert not a discount house.

12. Have a working relationship with an accountant and a lawyer.

13. Expand your business capabilities by hiring independent contractors when needed rather than hiring.

14. Put your business plan in writing even if you’re the only one who ever reads it.

15. Have a marketing plan for getting your name known by your market.

16. Get known in your community by the media to market your business.

17. Use networking opportunities effectively to build your business.

18. Have well designed marketing materials and use them wisely.

19. Take time to enjoy the holidays by being realistic in your expectations of what you will accomplish.

20. Know when and if you should move the business out of the home.

21. Know where to find information you need.

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Beverley Williams is co-author of The 30 Second Commute.
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